How Binary Options Trading Will Help the Biometrics Industry

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Fingerprint and cornea recognition technology has been a fixture of science fiction for decades. In recent years, these technologies have become a reality. Countless industries now use biometrics to create a controlled access system that is both quick and secure. But such technology is not cheap, and many industry leaders are looking for new sources […]

What Is the Potential for Biometric Information as a Means of Access Control?

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Biometric identification is actually not entirely new. Rather, the technology that allows it to be used in very effective ways has evolved tremendously. For instance, according to the FBI—and history—that agency has used biometric information to identify individuals since the very early days of the agency. In any discussion of biometrics, it’s important to understand […]

To What Extent Have Biometrics Been Implemented in the Real World?

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Biometrics provide a way to positively identify a human being based on the characteristics of their bodies. Biometrics do have something of a sci-fi image, but this technology is actually quite widespread already. It provides several advantages over less advanced forms of access control. Where Has It Been Used? Biometric technology is already being used […]

The Advantages of Biometric Access Control vs. Traditional Methods of Access Control

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Biometric access control systems offer some significant advantages over traditional methods of access control. These differences are most easily illustrated in examples that utilize large installations. In large installations, there are typically several different levels of access that individuals working in the installation have. The levels of access, however, may not be commensurate with the […]

How Reliable Is Biometric Technology?

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The reliability of biometric technology is increasing all the time. There are also many different levels of sophistication among the biometric devices on the market. For example, biometric technology that is utilized to authenticate the user of a consumer device is typically far less sophisticated than the type of biometric technology one would see used […]

How Is Biometric Information Used to Identify People?

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Biometric information can provide a reliable, positive identification of a human being that increases security and makes access control more easily implemented. Biometric technology utilizes a variety of different measurements of characteristics and traits to identify human beings. This information may be used in many different ways and there is a variety of devices on […]

Can Biometric Data Be Falsified Easily?

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When discussing biometric data and its application for authentication and identification, it’s important to differentiate what the various terms involved mean. Authentication simply means demonstrating to a biometric scanner that your biometric data matches the biometric data that was entered and associated with you – or another individual – previously. Identification means determining that a […]

Biometric Security: From Simple Applications to the Most Advanced Future Uses

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Biometric security is becoming big business in the consumer market. At the same time, it is also becoming important for very high security applications. As one might expect, the level of sophistication of the systems involved varies tremendously depending upon the user. The simple scanner on a smartphone is nothing compared to the type of […]